Stranger Things Season 4

TV Show - Stranger Things Season 4

It’s time to wait for season 4. We have collected everything that is currently known about the continuation of your favorite show to share with you.

Stranger Things Season 4 Air Date

Season 4 is officially confirmed on Netflix! In the official Twitter of the series appeared the first teaser, the caption of which hints that now, after the move of ODI and the Bowers family, events will unfold far from Hawkins.

It became known that in season 4, “Very strange things” will be 8 episodes. Filming for the sequel will begin in January 2020 and run until August. So, do not wait for the season premiere next summer.

Stranger Things Season 4 Cast

Four new characters will appear in the fourth season. Three of them are teenagers who are described as a metalhead, pot lovers and athletes, and the fourth is an adult who will not be a resident of Hawkins.

What do you think about Stranger Things Season 4 and this TV Show plot, cast, spoilers and what are your thoughts? Are you waiting it? Leave comments below, let's discuss!

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  1. Hopper is alive, in a parallel world! I think so! And the season 4 story of hopper’s journey is on the back. And about the missing of the forces of Oddi. Her father is alive. He would help her regain her strength and power, but in return, she would open a portal. She could see Hopper and see that he was on the other side. And then she will want to help him by opening the portal. The Russians wanted to open a portal to win the war against the United States. They found a way to tame the demogorgons. But that’s just my guess! I think so!

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