Lucifer Season 5

TV Show - Lucifer Season 5

Season 4 of the incredible series “Lucifer” has finally appeared on Netflix, which means that we are all looking forward to news of a sequel. We have collected all that is currently known about season 5 of “Lucifer” to share with you only verified information!

Lucifer Season 5 Air Date

According to TVLine, the production process will begin on September 6, and the series will be released in 2020.

It became known that in the last season will be 16 episodes, that is, as much as 6 episodes more than the original! It seems that the final promises to be at least grandiose.

The writers of “Lucifer ” revealed the name of the first episode of the final season. It was called Really Sad Devil Guy. The script was written by Jason Ning, directed by Eagle Egilsson (“Gotham”).

Lucifer TV Show Plot

The Netflix show Lucifer is a brilliant take on the life of the most hated and misunderstood man in the universe. The plot entails the life of the King of Hell as he decides to abandon his throne and embark on life alongside the human race here on Earth. Lucifer, depicted by the handsome Tom Ellis, who instantly climbs through the ranks as expected from the prince of hell as a prestigious, admired club owner. After a few friends/clients of his end up being murdered, he joins the leading female character Detective Chloe Decker, portrayed by the beautiful Lauren German, as a consultant as they solve crimes of many statues. As an atheist, she goes on assuming that Lucifer is just a traumatized man personifying if personal issues onto the story of being the devil. Although being the devil comes with a terrible reputation being the son of God comes with its perks.

Lucifer is capable of convincing others to reveal the truth about any situation and their deepest desires. He also has the ability to be immortal and super speed and strength. When Lucifer left hell he brought alongside his trusty demon Mazikeen depicted by the talented Lesley Ann Brandt, who protects and advises him throughout his journey.

Detective Chloe Decker is a wonderful detective and mother who followed after her father who was unfortunately killed on the job. The pain she experienced from losing her father lingers as all forms of lost does which causes her to throw herself into her work which unfortunately leads to her divorce from another detective and father of her child. Lauren German portrays it beautifully a broken workaholic mother trying to balance her life between working alongside an ex and trying to raise a young daughter.

As the series continues, love affairs start forming and Lucifer does the unthinkable and starts therapy. As the story unfolds more and more Biblical supernatural figures step afoot on Earth to identify what life is like as these two distinctively different races intermingle and intertwine.

What do you think about Lucifer Season 5 and this TV Show plot, cast, spoilers and what are your thoughts? Are you waiting it? Leave comments below, let's discuss!

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