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Movie - Joker 2

A sequel to “Joker” movie is in the early stages of development at Warner Brothers. The Studio intends to continue the story of Arthur Fleck.

Phillips ‘ plan for the character was completely original, centering around a man who becomes engrossed and immersed in the chaos around him. It was an unconventional representation Of the clown Prince of Gotham’s underworld. And “Joker 2” will change that.

According to an insider, the events of the sequel will unfold a few years after the events of the original. The story will focus on Arthur’s rise as a criminal in Gotham city.

It is worth noting that at the moment this is just a rumor. We should wait for an official announcement or rebuttal.

Now the process is at the very early stage, so even the first version of the script has not yet been seen, but the idea of the future plot is already known.

DC fans are happy that “Joker 2” will be released on the big screens, but do not yet understand how good this decision is. The famous villain in comics and other film adaptations has always been associated with Batman. They are enemies, and in some versions, the Dark Knight even became the reason why the Joker became a villain. The first film with Joaquin Phoenix showed his path to madness. This does not require the participation of Batman, but how the Joker will become a criminal Prince without confrontation with the superhero is still unclear.

What do you think about Joker 2 and this Movie plot, cast, spoilers and what are your thoughts? Are you waiting it? Leave comments below, let's discuss!

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  1. I think this is not true, even if it is true, the second part will be without Joaquin Phoenix, Joaquin never starred in films that get a sequel, for this reason, he refused to star in Doctor Strange.

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